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The Global Positioning System was first utilised for military purposes. Several years after its establishment, it was released for public use, and that is when it boomed into the ever present utility that we have today. You can find a GPS in almost anything, doing everything. They can be found in vehicles, smartphones, planes, buses and trains. GPS systems have been used for finding ships and submarines, and even to measure Mount Everest. While GPS is still sensitive to weather patterns and severe weather conditions can hinder any GPS signals, scientists all over are working to fix the problem and provide better accuracy of the signals.


While everyone can think of at least one way GPS makes their life easier, they may still be asking other questions about it. Questions like how does GPS tracking work? Despite the science behind it, it really is a rather simple process. It uses satellite signals to locate precise destinations, give accurate weather data, and even provide directions.


Altogether, the GPS system is comprised of around 30 satellites that orbit the Earth. And no matter where we are on the planet, we are visible to at least four of them at any time. They bounce information back and forth to each other at the speed of light, and then down to us, where our GPS receivers intercept them. Now you can offer a rudimentary explanation when asked how does GPS tracking work. But what will you say when they ask why do you use GPS?


Your answer would surely be that vehicle tracking equals peace of mind. For example, pretend you have a delivery company. Having a fleet of delivery trucks can be a stressful job, especially if you do not quite trust all of your drivers yet. But if you put vehicle GPS tracking on each of your vehicles, you do not need to worry nearly as much. Having GPS put on your vehicles allows you to follow where they go, their speeds, and even judge when maintenance may be needed on the vehicle before it becomes an emergency.


With GPS, the most important question is not how does GPS tracking work, but why have you not started using GPS trackers for your fleet? Being able to completely track every aspect of your company vehicles, having the process fully computerised, just made your job that much easier. Peace of mind and ease of job can make your life a walk in the park. So why not embrace this amazing technological age that we live in and get on that GPS bandwagon right now?

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