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Small Businesses Seeing Fuel Savings

As an established supplier of GPS Trackers, MOGO has been working with small businesses to help them understand where they can improve day-to-day operations.  

Fuel costs are at the top of the list, especially for businesses that rely on vehicles to deliver and provide their good and or services. In 2012 light commercial vehicles consumed 5,526 million litres of fuel whilst rigid and articulated trucks consumed 6,909 million litres of fuel.[1] Those businesses using light commercial vehicles can consume anywhere between 13 to 27 litres per 100 kilometres which shows there is a clear opportunity to drive efficiencies and cost savings.

By installing GPS Tracker technology businesses have a starting point to benchmark fleet operations and thus drive down fuel cost. Some of the tactics MOGO clients have put in place include:

  • Reduce the number of short trips taken through adequate planning
  • Reduce instances of high speed through driver counselling
  • Avoid exceeding 97 km/h as this is where vehicles are most efficient
  • Monitoring unforseen and excess travel

This month MOGO has launched a digital campaign to increase awareness within the small business market around the savings that can be seen in fuel expenses. The message can be seen across, business sub sites, and as well as interest forums and social networks. 

MOGO aims to communicate real cost savings are within reach for small businesses, at the same time they’re offering a sweetener in the form of a giveaway competition. Participants are given the opportunity to enter the draw to win 1 of 5 $300 fuel vouchers to use at any one of BP’s 1300 outlets nationwide. Those who are interested in buying GPS Trackers from the company receive five bonus entries to the draw for every purchase made. The MOGO GPS Tracking for Fuel savings promotion ends 30th October.  

To find out more visit the break down and competition entry page here.


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